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The Backstory

For years we fielded questions from retailers, asking “what’s the best planner for a boutique owner to use”? The consensus was, there wasn’t one. We’ve never been one to shy away from a solution, and who better to create that resource than The Boutique Hub. 

Launched in 2019, our #BoutiqueBoss Planner is the first-of-its kind, life-designer, made specifically for members of the boutique retail industry. In addition to containing the prime organizational pages needed to make a boutique owner’s life seem less hectic, this planner contains one-of-a-kind financial and inventory tracking and reporting sheets—a must-have for any business to financially succeed. 

The #BoutiqueBoss Planner and it’s full suite of products allows retailers to get ahead, through organization and productivity.

What The Boutique Hub Is All About


With more than 7500 members, you will always have someone to celebrate with, learn with, and lean on when times get tough.  This a place for growth-minded owners to strategize, support, and collaborate online and in-person at our events.


Anyone can give you analytics on your site and your traffic.  What makes The Boutique Hub membership different is the hundreds of training resources at your fingertips.  Take the data you collect in the Metrics Module and learn how to put it into action.  


Hubventory.com, our own curated wholesale marketplace, is your source for exclusive access and margin-building pricing with over 900 curated and trusted wholesale brands. Get inspiration from seasonal, data-based trend reports and shop and save with brands directly in our groups or at hubventory.com

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