About The Boutique Hub Community

Today in the fashion industry, we hear three common needs from boutique owners, apparel & accessory brands or designers, and insiders...

1. More Traffic 

2. Daily Conversation, Connection, & Support

3. Specialized Training That Matters

Every day at The Boutique Hub, we make connections, create conversations, and build the tools needed for the global boutique industry to connect, learn, and grow. 

The Boutique Hub, strengthened by it's members is the VOICE of the boutique fashion industry, and the recognized thought leader on boutique retail strategy and growth. 

Fueled by deep impact, The Boutique Hub and it's community joined together to open the Boutique Boss® store, and Boutiques Give movement. 

The #BoutiquesGive movement raises money for charities that impact us all. Proceeds from the BoutiqueBoss® Store support these charities including St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and Thorn (Fighting Human Trafficking) in 2017. 

Join Us.