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4 Part To-Do List Tear-Off

4 Part To-Do List Tear-Off


Don’t let weekly overwhelm stop you from crushing your goals. 

The Boutique Hub’s exclusive 4-Part To-Do List was built specifically for small business owners, helping you to layout, organize, and prioritize your most important tasks for a successful week ahead. 

Every Week: Some of these are on your plate, others are for your team. But for maximum productivity, your entire team's calendar works in sync with these key business functions.

This Week: What are the biggest rocks to move on your list THIS WEEK? These are the income-generating tasks, the big projects, and also the busy tasks that must get done this week to keep you both alive and growing. 

Later List: It’s on your radar, but not a priority right now. Don't overwhelm list #2, keep it short by allowing any overflow to come to list #3. Keep a Trello board, a notebook page or running list #3 where you can come back to it as you have time. As list #2 gets completed, start a new week pulling from list #3.

 Outsource List: It’s got to be done, but not by you. CEO's are great at outsourcing, so widdle down what is on your plate weekly and grow what you can hire for. When YOU focus on creating new revenue, that revenue allows you to hire more and the growth continues!  

Our 4-Part To-Do List features an 8.5”x11” design, with 52 tear-off sheets, one for every week of the year.